Hedges (Job 1:10)

November 18, 2018

God puts a hedge around us. Satan may ask God to test our faith. Maybe He takes away something we value that helps keep us faithful and going to church: a preacher, a good friend, a family member, our wealth and security, our job, good health, our life's joys, etc. 

Was Job's hedge that which sustained his faith? Were his blessings the essence of his faith? What kept Job faithful? 

Satan was allowed to take Job's hedge down but he couldn't take Job's faith away. 

It turns out Job's hedge was really his faith in God! God's goodness. His mercy and grace. His faithfulness. His promises. That hedge is indestructible and the REAL comfort, joy and protection in Job's life that gives true peace, meaning, purpose, hope and a promise of a glorious eternity that WTII outshine this life beyond comparison!

I believe every Christian would like to think we would not sin or blame God (Job 1:22) during our life challenges and trials- But I believe we've all experienced at some time, at least a portion of our hedge has been compromised in some way. And as we reflect, in what manner have we responded? 

Satan tested Job's hedge twice (Job 1:10,11 and Job 2:5). We will also be tested many times, I'm sure, but if we keep two things Job did during his testing in mind, we also can be acceptable to God (Job 42:8b). To be acceptable to God, first, we must not blame Him (Job 1:22) and second, we must not be so proud as to try to direct God, but in humility, give attention to Him, ponder His word for instruction and pray for mercy (Job 42:3-6) 

As we admire this man Job and see him overcome his test and remain in favor with God, there is still one thing to understand. His success still begs the question; "How did he manage to do it?" 

I believe the answer for Job and the golden nugget for all generations is found in Job 1:5 Here, we see Job's Life's priority was a focus on pleasing God. He was keenly aware of the ongoing nature of man to sin and displease God. So, like Job, when we daily cultivate such a close, mindful relationship with God and our Savior, we may be more prepared to weather the loss of our hedges, handing Him the reigns of our life to lead us safely through our challenges and thus, glorifying our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

- Hartsville Pike Church of Christ  elder, Doug Lyle