The basement is located directly under our Worship all basements. It's a place were our kids come together to worship God, develop relationships, and have fun. Basically, if you ever don't know where to go for a HP Student ministry get together, the Basement is a good place to start. 


We love to sing! Every Wednesday at 7 PM our students meet in the stairwell of the Education Wing at Hartsville Pike (it's got great acoustics) were we sing song we love. Everyone is welcome, and if you don't know the songs don't worry, just download the Adventures in Ministry app and you'll pick up the songs quick!

We also meet down in The Basement on the first Wednesday of every odd month during Bible Class to sing as well. 

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We are the Hartsville Pike Youth Group! We have decided to serve God and serve others! Thats how we spend our time and we love it! Come check us out. ...